Basics of reaching students in large classes

Andrew looked at the thirty-five faces gazing expectantly at him expectantly. He was three meetings into his new term, and last semester at this time, his students were still strangers to him. Now, however, more than half of the faces already meant something to him. He noticed that he knew the first and last names of many of them, and realized this had come from handing back assignments the previous day. It was satisfying to recall that reading that batch of assignments (written on 4×6 index cards) had taken him about twenty minutes. He could do that every day.
“Get out your cards,” he said to the students, “and put away your phones. It’s time to have some fun.”

Personalized College Teaching is a new approach, but elements of it have been used as long as teaching has existed. The students who excel are almost always the ones who receive personal attention from teachers. The question is how to give this personalized attention effectively and fairly to every student in a large class. Technology has been devised to assist in this contact, but it can lack the personal touch that makes the difference.
The techniques given here are easy to adapt, non-time-consuming and show immediate results, along with the long-term results of improving retention and transfer rates.